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Why Wild Alaska Tour?

Growing up in Alaska and traveling outside to many places and meeting many people has given me a different prospective on the way people see Alaska.

My goal is to show people the beauty of Alaska from my knowledge and ability to show off the best parts of Alaska, in a private tour!

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Natural Springs

Check out one of a kind springs in open views

Ice Bergs

View ice bergs in the winter or summer.

Salmon Runs

Watch Salmon run wild after spawn.

Mountain Hiking

Go hiking in the mountains and down various rivers and safe paths.

Wild Alaska Tour Testimonials

Adam Brooks

My tour with Gary was amazing and he really showed me the wild side of Alaska i've been twice before and this was the best!


After I arrived we had a day of horrible weather where he showed me around the local city, the next day when the weather cleared up he took me to see the most amazing sights I've ever seen!

Recent Blog

Local Alaska

View Local update for new game and fishing changes in 2019


The recent update to the salmon run says they will in fact be running very soon and we expect the run to be in the millions per day. More updates coming soon

Huge Bears patrol our steams

Many new Black bear cubs seem to be coming out to enjoy the fruits of spring this year in Alaska. Check out our schedule on the site for more information thank you

Birds Migrating back north

Exciting News!!! More bird species are being seen coming around lately. very good news for all your entheusiest bird watchers! Keep your eyes out for more information


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